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Welcome to Knitting Places - an independent library of knit life


Thank you for coming by.

First, the most important thing:

What you can see on the site is the opposite of a perfect website. 

This happened on purpose. should be an interactive site.

An invitation to everybody who has something to say about this fantastic addiction called knitting.


Here you will find some information about our approach for this site and how we would like to invite you to contribute to and develop this site into a huge internet library about knitting.


As you can see in the menu, we have created a collection of chapters around the knitting craft and we are going to fill them with content soon.

But: we can't do it all.


There's so much knowledge about knitting as a craft outside either from those who love to knit regularly or those who work in this area and call knitting a part of their business.

We are convinced: everybody has something to say and this should be the place where it can happen.


Please be aware that this is NOT a forum page about asking questions or discussing topics.

We already have websites which cover this. 


We want to build a content library about knitting and its background and all topics around it. A kind of "knittingpedia".

So, what can you do?

We would really appreciate if you want to:

  • write an article about a topic you know about

  • give us information for the news section about what's going on in the knitting world

  • own some great pictures, videos or links you want to share with the knitting community

  • give us a hint about a special yarn company or yarn shop you want to see represented here

We will check them editorially before we publish the content.


Important: Please consider the copyright rules described here in advance.


If you send us content and we publish it we will name you as author if you wish.

You can send us comments by email, as well.

But please be patient. We read everything what comes in but please be aware that the feedback has to be individual, so it will take some time to answer.


We are really looking forward to this collaborative journey with you.

Let´s create together.

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